Global Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax Database


I had a blast in contributing to an online data visualization project on the topic of Global Sugar-Sweetened Beverage (SSB) Tax for the World Bank! This project consists of an interactive landing page and three scrolly telling pieces, which offers a comprehensive view of SSB tax worldwide, empowering researchers, policymakers, and advocates to make informed decisions promoting healthier choices.

Check out the links below to learn more!

Landing Page (interactive maps):

The project landing page offers a high-level view of the SSB tax landscape around the world. I especially like the tile grid and choropleth versions of the world map!

Data Stories Unfold (scrolly tellings):

A three-part data story series highlights the SSB tax databases from different perspectives. I learned so much from them!

Data Story 1 - Introducing the Global SSB Tax Database introduces the project’s purpose and key features, highlighting its role in addressing public health challenges through SSB taxation insights.

Data Story 2 - SSB tax coverage delves into global population coverage of SSB taxes and the products affected, emphasizing the potential impact on healthier lifestyles.

Data Story 3 - SSB tax designs explores existing SSB tax designs worldwide, showcasing innovative approaches adopted by policymakers to foster healthier communities.


I learned a ton about ssb taxes after the project! Special thanks to Kate Mandeville and Libby Hattersley who oversees the project and provided insightful feedback along the way. Shoutouts also to the Data Whale team (Robin, Mengying, Manyun, and Elion) for making it possible!